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Google Reviews

Bert Briones is a great bankruptcy attorney. He provided straight forward and accurate consultation, and created a bankruptcy plan to get me out of debt in 60 months. Any time I had questions or need more information he was available and could see me with short notice. He's an expert in his field, and anyone who is in the unfortunate situation of needing to file bankruptcy would benefit from his guidance.

Amy H.

Attorney Bert is a very kind and helpful. I had to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, he made the process easy and was very dedicated throughout the case. Bert will get to know you and relate to you as well, which I found very reassuring! I'd recommend him highly! Bert makes the process easy to bear and is extremely professional as well as nice. He puts value into each individual! I am very thankful for his hard work and dedication, along with the other staff who were involved. Very kind and will always keep you informed and updated!!

Elie N.

Truly Excellent Lawyer. Bert Briones was so patient and helpful with all of my questions. He made the whole process so easy and understandable. Mine was not the quickest case, but he showed patience and kindness throughout the whole process. He gets an A+ from me. He is an amazing human being with a heart of gold.

Esther R.

During this stressful time in my life needing to file a Chapter 13 Red Hill Law Group was very compassionate and comforting they really helped me everyone I had talked to in the office was very professional and pleasant Bert Briones was amazing with my case I would never go to anyone else I'm glad I made this Choice Red Hill Law Group with Bert Briones

Carol H.

I was in a financial trouble Mr. Briones with his team was very helpfull answering all my questions guided me through the process got me the best setellment with the most reasonable fee. I highly reccomend him for any one has a case similar to me

Fred S.

AVVO Reviews

Mr. Briones was professional and took the time to briefly review some details regarding a potential case even though he was out of town when he returned my call. He gave helpful suggestions on what to do next since he did not suggest bankruptcy, his main area of expertise.


We never planned on getting into a financial situation where we were facing bankruptcy. Bert was helpful from our first meeting, and guided us (calmly) through the process of a Chapter 13. He was always available - I can't count the number of phone calls we've had over the past 5 years. He worked with us on a major complication that occurred due to a bank error (our mortgage holder did not account for our mortgage payments correctly and threatened to foreclose), and was able to resolve it without adding to our stress. He was constantly calm, and was able to "talk me off the ledge" quite a few times. I recommend him highly for anyone who is trying to determine their next steps with a possible bankruptcy filing.


I hired Bert Briones to handle my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing and he did an excellent job. He walked me through the entire process and explained to me exactly what to expect. I was amazed at how quickly Bert would always return my emails or phone calls. There was never a time throughout the whole experience where I was stressed or confused about the Chapter 7 process, or what was happening with my case. Bert is one of the most professional & knowledgeable attorney's I have ever met and I highly recommended him!