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Personal Finance & Bankruptcy Attorney in Irvine, CA

Attorney at Law & Certified Bankruptcy Specialist

Resourceful Solutions for Your Most Complex Financial Needs

Protect Your Family and Business
Crafted by a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist

Ever since I first participated in a mock trial in junior high, I have wanted to become an attorney. Though I began my professional career in the mortgage industry, I eventually left for law school to pursue my first love and passion. Today, I benefit from the best of both worlds — unique knowledge of personal finance and the opportunity to help my clients in a direct and meaningful way.

Bert Briones Bankruptcy

One of Orange County’s Top Bankruptcy Law Firms

Bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives are my areas of expertise. I also have extensive experience in the areas of personal and business finance law. Additionally, I can help you design a comprehensive estate plan to protect your assets for your enjoyment today, and for the enjoyment of your loved ones after you are gone. Then, I can help you navigate the difficult probate process and efficiently administer your estate and/or trusts. In addition, I can assist you with a wide range of business issues, as well.

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One-On-One Attention

Despite having support staff available, I work with you personally from start to finish. And whenever you have a question, you can always contact me directly.

Comprehensive Service

I pride myself on helping clients with an array of financial needs Regardless of why you seek my counsel, I will address both your immediate concerns and their long-term implications.

How My Past Experiences in the Mortgage Industry  Helps Me Save My Clients’ Homes Today

When clients first consider bankruptcy, they typically fear the potential of losing their homes. Your house, after all, is more than just the place you live — it’s often at the root of your sense of security. For this reason, I do whatever it takes to prevent you from having to give up such a valuable asset.

Sometimes, this goal can be accomplished through bankruptcy, but other times, alternative solutions are just as effective. Many are surprised to know they even have options in the situations they are facing, so I make a point of fully explaining the pros and cons of each.

Because of my mortgage background, I am often able to help clients refinance their mortgages when they believed they were unable to do so. Similarly, I’ve renegotiated leases, allowing my clients to keep their rental properties after they thought all hope had been lost.

Such alternatives protect my clients from the time it takes to file bankruptcy, the stress it often produces, and the long-term effects it leaves. Furthermore, these alternatives are often less costly, as well. Contact my office today to see what options are available to you. All initial consultations are offered free of charge.

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