My Approach

Turn Your Financial Situation Around

Perhaps you have found yourself unable to pay bills and are continuing to incur late fees, penalties, and higher interest charges. In addition, you may be dealing with garnishments, harassing phone calls, repossessions, and foreclosures.

In a financial emergency such as bankruptcy, Red Hill Law Group provides skilled, highly personal representation to you every step of the way. Hundreds of Orange County residents have turned to us to preserve their financial well-being, and I'd love for you to be the next.

How Red Hill Law Group Helps You with Bankruptcy

“Many law firms offer debt-relief solutions as part of their overall book of services, but they may not possess the experience and mastery of bankruptcy law that the Red Hill Law Group does.” - Bert Briones
Protecting Your Assets

  • Keeping your home
  • Explaining the consequences of bankruptcy

Analyzing the Alternatives

  • Using debt negotiation tactics on your behalf
  • Finding alternatives to foreclosure

Understanding the Process

  • Explaining the different types of bankruptcy
  • Helping you prepare for the correct type of resolution

One of Orange County’s Top Bankruptcy Law Firms 

Bankruptcy and bankruptcy alternatives are my areas of expertise. I also have extensive experience in the areas of personal and business finance law. Additionally, I can help you design a comprehensive estate plan to protect your assets for your enjoyment today, and for the enjoyment of your loved ones after you are gone. Then, I can help you navigate the difficult probate process and efficiently administer your estate and/or trusts. In addition, I can assist you with a wide range of business issues, as well.